The Second time of things are repeatable. But have fun.

It's the guitar we love.

Now this is something. We went out again as classmates, plus Anggum since he had nothing left to do. Besides, we don't want to leave him at home alone since everyone is out for their own activities. :P Anyway, we went to Sunway Pyramid this since there are many restaurants to choose from and we were kinda hungry for some Kenny Rogers Roasters actually. After the Asar prayers, (which took a long time for the girls to get ready) we waited for the E-Ridzuan bus, which in turn will take us straight to in front of Sunway Pyramid. It's not really that in front. We still need to walk a little bit, but unlike the others (whose class shall not be mentioned), they took the harder alternative. Walking. We saw them walking on the sideways while we're on the bus towards Sunway Pyramid. Anyhow, the bus is free.

The Girls of J10 - Amira

The boys of J10 - Radzi

We arrived in Sunway Pyramid around 6.30p.m and quickly rush towards Kenny Rogers. It was quite early but we still need to order for the food fast since there are so many people inside it. Most of them are reserved seats so foods must be served for them first isn't it? It's already time to break our fast and the water had not arrived yet. At least give us something to break our fast first. But not long after that drinks came and also our foods. It's been a long time since I last ate my meal of Kenny Rogers roasters.

BBQ Chicken. Deliciously savoured.

Chicken Roast to perfection.

Chocolate and Vanilla muffins. I personally adores the latter.

We had fun like last time only with some more additional people. It's really happening in there as we break our fast as a family. We told stories, took pictures and laugh all the way ignoring all the other people inside the restaurant as if it's ours. I think everyone was enjoying the moment, but for sure, I know I did. Although it was quite pricey as the total of the whole dinner was about RM 210. Well, roughly everyone eat at a price around RM20.

As you can see, everyone was quite satisfied with all the dinner, we went to surau for Maghrib prayers. We were supposed to play bowling after the prayers but I followed Farahin and Afiqah to J.CO Donuts and Coffee. For some unknown reasons, I was being impulsive about buying those donuts. I bought quite a lot of it and weren't able to finish it. And it was quite also mysterious on why my housemates rejected my offer of the donuts. Hey, it's J.CO and you guys weren't interested? Do tell me this is a lie. Anyhow, I managed to let the donuts dissapear. I gave to Radzi and tell him to do anything he wants. Like I predicted, it went downwards. Haha :D Have fun eating guys. It's on me tonight.

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