It's not what I meant.

Can you be the judge over the mistakes of others?
Or is it required for people to appoint someone to judge the mistakes of others?
Maybe, if you think in this way.
Maybe, if you think the way they think.
Such stupidity only rises to the utmost fool and uncertainty of despair givers.
Why would you question the one who creates such anonymous jokes?
Why not blame yourself for not being able to entertain yourself while others foolishly laugh upon your slowpoke reactions?
To copycat others, would mean to peel the skin underneath you.
But to really copycat others with mere feelings, is such a pitiful act to begin with.
It's a general truth that surfaces can't be copied or traceable by physical cast.
And, when someone lied, don't be too quick to judge upon them.
For the lie they made may be seem a mechanical defense for them, since the truth cannot be shown publicly.

As some one had reminded me before,
"When the finger points to the yonder moon, the fool does not look at the finger."

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