Bila bulan mengambang

This is not another ranting about how poetic a post can be. This is not another babble from yours truly. This is a story how a weekend should be enjoyed with laughter and joy. (Sorry guys. I'm having all the fun without you guys since you guys are busy with IELTS and so on).

At exactly last Friday, my sister gave me a call saying that she's in Sunway resort. Obviously it's a place where I can't dream of going anytime soon. She had this conference/convention with doctors around the world, so she was there for days. Kak Ayu asked me whether I want to join her at Sunway resort. And of course, I accepted it since I was trying to get away from Casa Subang as often as I could. And they bring little Ain too. They including my other sister, Kak Ifa and her husband, picked me up and bought me far away from Subang which I originally thought that we were going to Sunway, but heck, I don't mind going far away from Casa Subang anyway. The drive took me as far as Sungai Buloh, and there inside of nowhere, (I assumed it's a kampung around there), there this huge reastaurant, a Thai restaurant to be exact. The name? Can't remember. >.<
Ikan tiga rasa, I assume?

It was delicious, especially the Ikan tiga rasa. Yeah, of course. Everything will be delicious if you're really hungry. Anyways, back to Subang and straight to Sunway Resort.
Sunway pyramid view from the resort

I just took a pic. That's all.

It wasn't really much but at least I got the chance to get out from Casa Subang and stay at Sunway resort for a few days. The breakfast, was so delicious!

Ni ada pelbagai rasa.

Nasi lemak ni nampak je sedap. Tp ikan bilis masin nak mati!

Okay, I need to keep reminding myself not to keep posting about food. This blog is meant for rantings other things beside rantings about food. Next day, everyone went to Sunway Lagoon. Actually this is my first time entering Sunway Lagoon, and it's actually quite big since it has lots of theme park to choose from.
Teringat jam power rangers dulu-dulu

We went there around 3p.m and went back around 6p.m. It was worth the wetness and also the fun of watching Ain screaming happily. Dinner? We just ate Carls Jr. Although it was pricey, it did worth the money for it.

Yes, it is that big. And yes it is Rm20++

Haha, who's lying?

I went back Sunday evening, since my sister needs to go back to Kedah. I was partially sad since I'm not ready to go back to Casa! Nevermind then. We still need to go to school for another month and then it's GAGA time!! And yeah, yesterday I went with Laila to make a report about her missing identity. Another word for it, her IC went missing.

Balai polis USJ 8

I told Laila to mention it to Puan Asiah, but nothing happened. She just mentioned where the nearest station is and that's it. Nothing about helping her. I mean, as a warden, you have to at least be concern about the students. Nevermind that now, since the report had already been made. Anyway, just look at the police station. It looked like it's gonna crumble any minute now. To my surprise, they were building a new one next to it, which of course much more sophisticated than the current one.

Watak tambahan tu, masih tak paham-paham.



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