The Origin of Chom

OK, this might sound unimportant at all, but it did to me when people start sending signals off the line. Let's ask some question first about my nickname. How many of you guys believed the story from orientation of Taylors that my nick name is given by my grand ma? Hmm? I know this one girl would raise her hands. Haha, yes it's you aka' (cara Zayana) kure2. Hehe, joking only. LOL

Back to the main point, which is, my nick name wasn't given by my grand ma or any other members of my family, but it was given by a friend of mine. OK, I'll repeat my self again. It was given by my friend when I was back in my hostel days in MRSM Langkawi. You know, teenagers with crazy minded minds would come up with exactly anything to nicknamed their friends including BIMUK, BIGONG, CIMUK, and Chom. I wouldn't want to waste the time explaining what BIMUK, BIGUNG and CIMUK is and I'll leave it to your wildest imaginations to figure it out. Anyway, Chom or Com stands for the first part of the word Comel, which translated in English as Cute. It was given by a friend when I started to know him a little bit well. (OK, this might sound weird). Firstly, I was really reluctant to use the name at all, I mean come on, a guy with a nick name Chom would seriously impaired my first impression towards others right? But it didn't. Instead, it popularised me back in Langkawi. The name Chom spread like a wildfire in an instant week.

It's not just the students, but the teachers as well. Most of the would prefer to call me Chom to refer to me rather than calling my real name. I blame this mostly on my friends for mentioning the nickname to my teachers and I'm stucked with them calling me Chom (not that I hate it though) They did call me Akmal sometimes, but it really depends on the teacher. At least I got a good nick name compared to other nicknames which the meaning will not be revealed any time soon. So, from there, from Langkawi, I managed to let Taylors students or my new friends to use my nick name.

CHOM. Ini nickname orang beri. Orang itu, kamu sihat?


  1. hamboih2..
    aka' kura2 noh..
    cam kenal ja sapa..
    ak ni sbnr nyer naive..
    tu g prcaya je ckp org:P

  2. haha.let us now modify it a bit to chom chom cann?hehe.chom chommm...

  3. eyh CHOM only? not chom chom eh?

  4. Hehe, actually the real nick will be Chom, and masa orientation tu ada modification skit. Jadilah chom-chom. Nama chom2 tu mcm nama haiwan peliharaan je..

  5. haha..
    Chom = nana..
    Chom-chom = kucheng nenek aku..
    p/s:kucheng tu kucheng BETINA

  6. hihi. chom!
    comot pun boley jgak! xD hahah

  7. Tak boleh aisya.. ni trademark chom.. huhu.. takde org boley tiru2


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