Camera roll, ready? Action!

Another hell of a week. I think most of us got this syndrome of I-have-lots-of-work-and-this-is-suppose-to-be-a-holiday thing right? Anyhow, we all are trying our best to do everything is the shortest time possible and I believe it's the same for everyone too. That's another story. Luckily I've finished most of the homework and all now left is legal studies test and els issue analysis interview this coming Monday. Another LAN test this Tuesday.

Seriously, what is the teacher doing to us?

By the way, we finished most of the filming for our LAN project and me and my group mates still need to finish the written assignment.

Let's all do our best!

To those whose week was happy and fun filled. I salute you. (Actually, I just watched Disaster Movie. It really was a disaster but, seriously it's funny.)


Some of the screen caps:

He's acting as Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in the City and boy he was damn funny about it. Damn funny how he talks to himself like "I wonder if ... "

It's the Princess from the Enchanted. She's a total w**** in that movie. And absolute weirdo.

Now this is funny. Batman leaving the city using the rescue bus.

I'll recommend you guys to watch it but, it might not be that fulfilling either. But worth the money and time. Right guys?

What time is it? Time to.. hehe

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  1. oh..
    sarah jesicca parker tu mmg real giler muker..
    aku suker chipmunk 3 ekor tu..
    tp b4 dyorg kena rabies la..


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