Raya. Raya. I wish it'll last a year

*Music coming from earphone* "Rasalah ketupat ini, Dengan rendangnya sekali, Sudilah rasa kuihku, Pilihlah yang mana satu"

I was told by Kak Ayu (bukan kakak yang perasan ayu, ya?) to buy my own clothes for raya in Subang Jaya. Well, I can't think of any other ways to buy my own things other than going back to Alor Star and buy from the shops that I'm already familiar with. Ok, not that I went to lots of shop to buy my clothes that is. :)

Anyhow, the first day after I arrived in Kedah, me and Kak Ayu and her daughter, Cik Ain went to this mall, (name of the mall will be kept confidential and will be mentioned upon request) and it was full! It was full of outsiders, not the regular Kedahan customers. It took us 10 minutes just to get a parking spot which requires me to step out of the car and bluntly stand on a parking space just to get rid of unwanted people since we're not the only ones doing the last minute shopping.

Inilah Cik Ain yang suka "demand". Dia tidak suka dicium di pipi. Hantu vitagen

Luckily, I already bought a few clothes at Summit before going back, so I didn't really need to buy a few more. It was the jeans that I need the most, so I grab one, and try it on. It was cool, really, so I had Kak Ayu to quickly pay for it, which means, no duit raya this year. Sadly enough, as I'm getting older, the less the amount of duit raya people seemed to give to me, or they pretend that they forget, or they pretend I'm too old already, whichever applies first. *sighed* But, hey, no duit raya doesn't mean that I can't enjoy the whole festive season right? Who cares about the money? I do.. I'm enjoying it with my family and it was really enjoyable since everyone was there to celebrate it together.

I do have the family pictures, but it wasn't with me, so no family pictures then.

Raya morning at Masjid Al-Bukhary

I wasn't expecting this sea of people. Must be outsiders.

It's big. Dengan bangganya megatakan ia lebih besar dari Masjid Putrajaya. Heh :D

Tok sebelah Mak. Pusat nak bermanja.

Mom's Daugther. Heh :D

Ain, seksi sedikit di hari raya.

Oh, not to forget, I got loads of greetings this year from friends. And the ones that really gets me going are,

Selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin dari najah, suami dan anak-anak. -najah-

Selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin. Sori aku x pandai wat sms yg lawa2. - Qayyum -

SELAMAT HARI RAYA PEOPLE!! lets "kikis" every penny of our relaties fr duit raya until they so regret having 2 know some1 like us (*oh-k dats a joke) ngaa XO bt yeah. ohh n my apology fr any shits I've done. so there. HAVE FUN EATING N LOVE U PEEPS!!
-Nik & Aiman- (whoever copies who first).

Ok that's about it I guess.

Happy Raya everyone!



  1. chom..hamboi2..hang kutuk mesjid tmpat ak nmpak..xpa2..msjidil haram lg besha:)

  2. Mmg lah... yang tu tak bleh nak celen la.. haha :D


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