Long time, no flight.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this an announcement of late departure. The flight AK 6344 to Alor Star will be delayed because of operational problem and the new departure time will be announced later. We are sorry for any inconveniences caused."

-Damn, they shouldn't delay the flight. I can't bear it any longer. I need to arrive at my home. Quickly.

It's been a way long time since I last took a flight to anywhere in this Earth. And I need to take a plane to get back to my hometown, which is something to be regretted. This is what you get from someone who is afraid of height and speed at the same time. You see, speed and height always are not the best combination of all. Luckily, I was able to bear it all during the whole journey to Alor Star. It wasn't bad as I was able to see the sea from above and it was damn beautiful to stare at, until there are some disruptions in the air. >.<

I arrived safely at Alor Star's airport and quickly went straight to the luggage retrieval area. Although this wasn't a flight full of important people, the mass number of people waiting in the airport was quite surprising. Families and friends were waiting for their loved ones. I was picked up by my sister. Right timing Sis!

P/s: Never take a flight back to Alor Star, when you have express buses.


  1. speed and height are the best things in life after money

  2. syazana.. kau mcm nak bunuh aku je..

  3. hahaha.. I ADORE speed.. but I DETEST height...
    makin laju.. makin best!!!


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