It's not like I didn't feel anything.

Maybe it was too much to ask for,
so I'll just say this twice, not to make it nice,
because I think I can't still figure it out why?

One, I think I was real enough to be,
Two, clear it wasn't the way it supposedly,
Three, slow enough it may be,
Four, repeat step one through three,
Five, make a gap between you and me,
And if I ever believe you'll be mine, that's because I was the delusional one.


  1. wt u write often make me think and think and think.

  2. To Qila,

    Oh, ini ada lirik lagu yang di edit berulang kali and maksud yg tersirat tiada mengena dgn diri ini.

    To Aisya,

    Yah, from MRSM lagi kan, what i write will never be known. huhu.


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