Muddy shoes, tak kisah.

It was another fine day for all of us and we all had already anticipate what we all are going to get. Pumped up maybe, I was feeling quite boring since it was just a telematch to begin with, and with that feeling inside, me and my classmates went to the some unknown field of SS 15. Although I wasn't very excited about this, Radzi and me managed to teach the other classmates to cheer for our class, you know, making everyone more pumped up than before. It's just not that everyone have to wear the Taylor's black shirt, girls have to wear black tudung as well. Despite that, the day wasn't really hot and it was really forgiving to all Taylorians. :)

We arrive there quite late, since Mrs. Quek release us the last. After that we have to be numbered according to the groups and have to work out with each other to win the telematch. And guess what? My group, the orange team, wins the game after we won the game of tug-o-war, with the purple team. Since we had a tie with the purple team, we need to settle it with another fashion, which is the game of tug-o-war, and lemme tell you something. It was a breeze. (Bapak belagaknya aku.. :D) Maybe partly my group contains all the big guys, so pulling the rope is quite easy.

Anyhow, here are the pictures I've taken.

Orange retards. Haha. LOL >.<

I can't believe we won the game! Congrats boys and girls!

Patut gambar kelas, tapi ada muka-muka yang timbul.

Ini no comment. Patutnya aku dengan Afiqah jer. Semangat Asabi'yyah la katakan.

Basically we all were having fun after the exam week. Although our shoes and pants were all dirty with the mud and all, I feel that this kind of thing should be done once in a while.

P/s: Farahin, orang Kedah memang Asabi'yyah sikit, bertahan sajalah! :D


  1. haha..
    smagat assabiah pyer pasal..
    ak n laila dketepikan seyh..
    nnti ak BAKAL join grup ASSABIAH ko n fiqah tu..heheh:P

  2. tolong lah, aku nak ajaq bahsa kedah tak mau... mai practice ngn aku ni!

  3. haha..


    jom blaja bahser kedah!



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