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Thank God, I have finished all of my exams, for this year that is. That includes you as well IELTS! Bye-bye. Now, it's time to have fun and hangout with friends and I seriously need to spend more time with my old mates. Since most of the time I was so busy either finishing an assignment or basically studying for exams or making excuses to not follow them since I was too lazy to, I seriously need to make up with my buddies. So, I've decided to join my friends, and we end up in Jalan Tengku Abdul Rahman. (Ini bukan silap naik bas lagi yah, Laila >.<) Actually Izzat had a something to be bought there, and we, Pipu and Me, are just merely accompanying him. Her sister is getting married this December, and all of the preparations are needed to be bought quickly, and where else to shop if you want a decently priced marriage equipments?

Warna-warni lah, bunga-bunga ni.

Muka serius macam dia pulak nak kawin.

Ha, pikir pun lama-lama. Sudahlah tu..

After we had finished our business in Jalan TAR, we went to Putra Bas Station to buy my ticket bus. You know me, I'll start spending all of my money unconciously and suddenly went, "where's my money gone to?". Hehe. Near Putra station is the Mall, and there we had our time to shop and shop. I wasn't spending any money that is, not until we went to the restaurants. Haha. Anyway, Izzat bought quite a lot of clothes for himself too.

So this is the Mall. Pernah dengar nama je.

Duduk dalam bilik bersalin ramai-ramai.

Aku suka baju ni.. tapi..

Kami semua gila gambar.

It may look simple, but it's from Giordani. Did I spelled it right? Anyhow, while we were walking here and there, I found quite a few interesting things actually. Farahin's bag and Afiqah's school bus.

Kantoi la beg tengah sale kat SOGO.

Bebudak ASMA datang shopping dekat Jalan TAR je?

No offence girls. Just having fun during the weekend. :D

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