Semua orang pun ketawa.

You want to know something?

It's been three freaking months that I last talked to my friends back in Kedah. I don't know. Maybe I should blame myself for not fitting in anymore. You see, everyone's changing and maybe, and just maybe that I'm changing so darn fast that I can't seemed to fit anymore, or maybe, just maybe they changed so much that I can't changed fast enough to cope up with them. Either way, I'm not taking any efforts to really close the gap just because the gap is too far. Sheesh.

They are all into musics from bands that I hardly ever heard of before.

They are all into girlfriends. Period.

They make jokes that I can't seemed to comprehend despite of my head is using dual-core technology.

They formed a band which I rarely took notice of it.

They all changed, and everyone looked matured.

I'm not blaming them. Seriously, no. Maybe if I stayed back in KSAH, I won't feel like we had just met, right?

I'm not into musics that I never heard of before to talk about. Sorry.

I don't have girlfriend to talk about. Sorry.

I don't understand the jokes to talk about. Sorry.

I don't know your band was successful at first and thus I don't know what to talk about. Sorry.

I don't changed and you guys changed. That's something to talk about. :D


Weh, awat ampa suma abeh tinggi-tinggi, dan aku masih setinggi dulu.

Dulu mana tu?

Alah, dulu-dulu. Time PMR.. >.<

Tak tau, ang pi sana jadi laen kot. LOL

P/s: Hoho, semua orang berubah. Mentaliti? Sama macam skolah rendah dulu-dulu. :D

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