This section is for my wish list so that I can track down the things that I wanna buy later. It's quite a lot you know.

1. I want a Digital SLR Camera
I don't care which brand it is, (personally, I prefer Canon), as long it is digital SLR with great features so that my pictures can be taken with ultimate perfection.
You stole my breath away.. (kidding, haha)

2. Iphone, please!

It's so sleek.
This is what I really need! A new phone which will be able to do basically anything I want it to do! Although there are many people who are not quite satisfied with the Iphone 3G, I think otherwise. It suits me well. Who need keypads, when you have touch screen? Touché?

3. Games, light my life.

Oh my, I love the design.
I'm not a geek nor I am a nerd. So, lets just say that having as good as this, will make sure your life is fueled for perfection. Who cares if they have big bulging computers packed with super-awesome graphics, if you have this all-in-one console. Wish it was cheaper though.

4. Windows? Toss it in the dishwasher.

Windows? I really get annoyed sometimes with Microsoft Windows. I just don't know why but it really pissed me off to use it sometimes. I've always been attracted to Apple Mac. Wonder how does it work? Again, price constriction here.

Simpler the better.

5. Digivice IC
Yeah, yeah, I know. It's not real. So what? I just want one. Hehe. And a digimon pet too!

Although the last one is quite impossible, I can still watch the anime. Wish it was real though. Hehe



  1. knpe digimon?
    pokemon lgi cuteee~ :P
    nk bola2 pokemon tu. hihi.

  2. apple mac tu memang best.

    ^ ^

  3. aisya, mmg dah lama dah suka digimon, sbb digimon lagi ganas, lagi extreme dan lagi best. pokemon terlalu comellah, tak tahan nak tgk.. bosan jugak storyline dia kadang2.. hehe

    aqila, mac tu mmg lagi best dari windows ngn any other laptop brands. dia punya standard semua org tahu.. hehe :)


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