It's okay!

Have you ever felt one of those days which you guys just wanna scream hard enough for the whole world to know and b*tch slap (actions may varies according to individuals) anyone that annoys you that particular day. If that not so tasteful to you, you might wanna drown people to death using high concentrated level of sulfuric acid making sure none of the what-so-ever remains on their head remains unseen.

If I weren't too heavy and fat myself, I might be able to jump kick and hit someone's head right in the middle of their thick skull.

Enough about being angry and homicidal, I wasn't really enjoying my day, today. No wonder people hate Mondays.

Anyway, I suddenly remembered something while I was browsing. This one favourite song from the Disagree band. I wonder where they are right now?

Big world
Says he wants to see the light for once,
Well maybe if you try,

It's so sad,
Babe don't look so sad,
I've got it wrong today,

And if she doesn't go your way,
Look up to blue skies and say hey,
It's ok it's ok,

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  1. wah, lagu ni slalu aja dok layan ngan hang kat skolah dulu..huhuhu

  2. standed lah.. lagu favourite tu!


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