Parting Ways : Attack of the Cranky Lady

It didn't take me long enough to notice that the girl who sits next to me on the bus is about my age. Well, I don't really care though. It is going to be a 6 hours long of journey and it's at night too. I'd rather sleep than chit-chatting with a stranger who may seemed nice and all. Not until I was starting to fall asleep. Thanks to the very limited space of the sit, and also my big size, which wasn't helping at all, it turns out to be a rough ride.

She was sleeping like she owned both of the seats. Putting her legs on my lap, not mentioning her thighs too! Her head on my shoulder, I wasn't enjoying any of this. And she's not even my girl friend. Not that any of my future girl friend would be able to do that, mind you. But the main point is, she's ticking me off by the minute that I have to shrugged hard every time that she lays some part of her body on me.

Lucky that I was able to with stand the girl, or else I would have screamed at her not to touch me again.

P/s: Gee, is it hard for a man to get a decent sleep on the bus?



  1. omg. reallyyyy? ishk. x malu nye dyeee.
    wt happened ble die bgn?
    wt wuz her xpression?

  2. Aisya, I can tell you only one thing...

    Dia buat muka donno jer...

    And that really annoys me!

  3. criously? isk.
    there's still ppl like datttt?

    truk btull.. huuhu. if i were at her place, mmg taktau nk ltak mke kt mne dh.

    it was such a HUGE shame.

  4. I know. But really, mula2 mcm tak mind lah since dia mungkin tak sgaja kan? tapi it's getting annyoing since dia keep repeating it the whole journey... cess!

  5. Jgn mention apa2 pasai bolster..

    aku tatau bolster2 neh..


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