Take Me Granted Not

I’m already at wit’s end. Yes, I am. I’m confused, and yet I’m aware of the changes that is happening around me. Do they figured it out already? No, they are the most insensitive human I’ve ever known. Very inhumane sometimes too.

I’m at loss now. They called me friend, so did I to them. But “friends” doesn’t only come to you when there’s problem, you see, but they also come to you when there’s something good to share too. And they don’t stare at you in the morning like you are some stranger. And they never take granted for things you had done for them. That is what I see and believe in having “friends” all this time.

I compromised too much. A little bit too much. Even we’re so close, you never realised. Right? Well, that's what make you “you” in the first place.

I don’t expect much. You’re just too vain to understand anyway.

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  1. nape ni chom?
    bunyi bengang giler je..

  2. memang bengang giler.. ntah manusia mmg camni kan?
    tapi aku rasa dah okay dah skit kot?

  3. huu..
    name pon manusia..kn?
    kene bersabar jelah..

  4. dah okay.. sakit hati hanya sementara.. hihi :)


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