Saying YES! YES! YES! to Fighting HIV

It's quite the buzz in Taylor's when the news that MTV Asia's VJ Utt is coming to host the YES! YES! YES! to Fighting HIV. Let me repeat myself boys and girls, MTV Asia's VJ Utt came to Taylor's on 3rd April. There weren't many people around since (yes, I know. VJ Utt's coming and no one is around, how weird is that right?). I think I can particularly blame the management of the event and at the same time the class schedule! Arrghh.. I was about to miss the whole thing you know.

Luckily, my wise classmates mentioned about a meeting with the sponsors around 3.30 p.m. I'm late for the show for around 30 minutes or so. Goodness, I must walk damn fast I'd say. Can you imagine, 2 hours of Economic, non-stop. I almost puke when the first day I got to read the new schedule. Come on, can you guys keep your concentration for 2 hours straight? I don't think so.

And there he was. My Idol. Hehe. And he's looking great like usual and he did look different a little bit though. than he was in the show. Quite a shame though, since he was there for around half and hour or so, and no one is allowed to take pictures with him too. Hurm. It's bad enough that the Body Shoppe lady who sold the butter shea lip balms claimed that anyone who bought their products will be able to take pictures with VJ Utt. It's not that I bought one, mind you, it's just that one of my friends bought it and she felt disappointed since she was quite excited to take pictures with Utt himself.

Anyway, it was a blast although the rain limits the time and my meeting with the sponsorship unit.

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  1. utt!!
    te amorrr!!!!

  2. hurm.. dia mai sat ja.. tak best lah!


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