Flock together eh?

Is it just me or that you guys somehow in the randomness while enjoying your walk that you happen to meet group of hot boys or hot girls flocking together? This happens especially if you went to the mall with your friends and all of sudden, these hot chicks, walk past you and you yourself can't help it but to stare in great awe. Unless you think you're in the plastic-like dramas such as the O.C and GossipGirl, which I think you don't, this kind of thing is rather unsoundly, don't you think?

Unless you star in this kind of drama, I don't think it could happen in any way.

Doesn't that bother you somehow?

Personally, I think it bothers me a little bit since I always wonder how such miracles always work in the first place.

Do they do walk-in-interviews before letting people join them?

Do they need to fill up forms?

Anyway, I won't find out until we get to know them right? I guess it's true that birds of the same species flock together, or at least I think it is.



  1. gossip girl(english)

    perempuan mengumpat (malay)

    chom~ ish..ish..ish..

  2. I don't really know what to say.

    Maybe some of my readers are hesitant to read my rantings?


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