Fret the Moon


And the boy shall fret upon the Moon,
He would have sat upon the crown soon,
The Court Jester shall fret along too,
He have known this whole period’s wound,

Shall they celebrate upon nothingness,
That nothing, that exceeds something,

Something which the moon would say,

“Heed me signs of bleak future! Thee should not stay any longer!”

The boy sat on his crown, an actual illusion,
From nothing, a something could be born,
And from something, reduced to nothing,
And it would be a shame, though it was never a thing to begin with.

Could the fate crosses path with destiny,
Only the court jester could foresee,
He’s no mere joker, more than a seer,
Foreseen the boy’s future.

For the boy was nothing, he wants something.

For the boy was the Court Jester and they shall know nothing of it.

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  1. OMG.. for me, ssh sgt nk fhm, hak3..
    Nway, best sangat. =)

  2. nice one! and i like the sketching!! ^^ mana jumpa?

  3. cari dekat deviantart...

    anyway this is mainly about a boy who wants to be something.

    he didn't realise that to be something he needs to sacrifice a bit.

    that leads him into having illusions that things could always stay the same.

    he is merely compared to the court jester, as the court jester was the opposite of him.

  4. waaaaa..beauty! voila, la bonnita lollita!( mengarut-ing, jgn layan..hak3)


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