Left 4 Dead 2: Awesome!

Okay, I gotta admit that I’m a die hard fan of anything related to zombie-like stuffs. This ‘fetish’ if you might call it, started when I first got my PSOne and the first game that I tried was Resident Evil 3. Although the graphics were somewhat suck at that time compared to the current era of technologies, it was more than enough to keep me entertain with all the zombie hunting and killing. Enough about the intro, and here are my thoughts about the game.

If you haven’t tried Left 4 Dead, I’m sure you wouldn’t notice the vast improvements the L4D2 had brought along with it. The game play still depicts the original game play which is to survive (obviously), and gather to the safe house to complete each level.

l4d2One of the several new improvements you will see is melee combat. As what  the picture shows, the character is using a katana. Several other options range from frying pan to chainsaw. For maximum blood gushing screen (literally), just rush through the horde.

l4d3 Uber-awesome green smoke!

The green smoke, is the new hand held throw able, bile liquid, and you’ve guessed right, it IS from the Boomer. The gig is to throw it to one of the infected so that they’re the one being targeted by the horde. Easy huh? It took me 30 minutes, to figure out what the thing is supposed to do, when one of the characters mumbled about how to “let them fight each other”.

I paused a while letting other survivors finish this small horde. 

New type of guns are also available to be used, making zombie hunting become more zombielicious. For example, the silenced sub machine gun, and others like combat rifle, to AK-47. You can find Grenade Launcher basically at certain points where you know, when you get the hunch that is the place you gonna be attack by a horde later, and that is why the grenade launcher were lying by itself to be picked up, and you’ll think to yourself what an idiot you are for not taking the grenade launcher with you. Happened to me all the time.

l4d10What an asshole! Get it? Get it?
(Sorry for the screencap. I used paint to save these.)

If new range of guns doesn’t rock your socks yet, there are also special bullets installed for your disposal, either the flaming bullets, or the explosive bullets, which both are quite useful, and even the special infected wouldn’t last again these.

The Valve team even made a map that’s absurdly crazy, by unleashing two witches at the same time at a particular area. In the map alone, there were like, what I can recall, like 5++ witches which surprisingly to me, I was able to avoid them all, since they are too busy being an ‘emo chick’.

Jockey, driving you mad towards the horde.

Spitter, the bikini wearing lady(I supposed so).

Coming along with L4D2 are the new special infected. Three to be actual. One of them is the Jockey. His job is to drive you away from the survivors. He’s really an ass if it wasn’t for the half-squeal laugh he did before attacking the survivors. Next is the Spitter, who happened to be a lady in a bikini. By spitting acidic phlegm on the ground, the survivors must avoid the path or else, it’s bye-bye. I somehow pity this chick especially, since she must be really eager to be by the beach to sun bath or anything, when there’s the outbreak happening right by her eyes. Talk about luck. The one you should scared of is the Charger. He’s mean, he’s fast, he’s powerful, but he’s no Tank. He can’t even stand three bullets coming from combat rifle. Geez.

See what I mean by total gory! I mean glory.

That was the gist of it. There are a lot of other modes to play, but I wasn’t intrigued by it for the fact I can’t go online with this *ehem2* version. So, anyone out there who wants damn good zombie hunting, Left 4 Dead 2 is for you.

P/s: I dreamt that I was one of the infected.



  1. hahaha LOL! zombielicious!

    hey! 1st pic has a bio-hazard image on da sidebar, what does that stands for?

  2. that's the new bile liquid. throw and kazzam the infected are fighting against themselves. im not sure whethere it affects the specials.


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