I’m keeping my bargain.

I’m sick of what I call life as being myself. Not my internal myself, but the physical shape of my body. I’m sick of everything about it.

I’m sick of being the handicapped.
I’m sick of being pitied.
I’m sick of being useless.
I’m sick of not being able to fit on clothes that I want so much.
I’m sick of being the only one who’s big.
I’m sick of being stared.

So, I’m turning this sickness into a remedy which I will adhere to it like a guidance of my own. And, this is for my beloved people in my life who would like to see me better off in life.

For those who would like to see it seriously,

“Serious, serious, serious, Chom.”

For those who would like to see it once,

Sekali pun jadi lah Chom! Sekali jer..

For those who say I would look good,

Kalau kau kurus Chom, mesti MANTOP!

For those who gave me the endless support,

Ni yoga mat, dengan weight lift sekali okay?

For those who gave me the endless inspiration,

You can do it Chom, revenge all the way!

And this is the revenge I’m waiting for in my life. A revenge for those who gave me the stare, the look, and the talk. :)

Thank you for being an inspiration! I feel for you. ;)

P/s: Good God, make me fly. :)



  1. support2 akmal!
    all the best!

  2. Lolz. Fight Chom, even for once! Me support you! :D

  3. sengal2 badan kembali menyerang, but that won't falter my heart that easily.

  4. that's the spirit, buddy! :D

  5. yeah, flying high soring in style!


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