a story of a lost cat.

cat_by_thecreeps cat by ~thecreeps

a cat wants to find his way back towards the owner. he was lost in the middle of a town. on his way, he found a lot of wool balls, toys, delicious cat foods, katnips and so on. it distracted him for so long, almost making him forgetting that he needs to get back to the owner before its too late.

the owner can't wait forever for him, can he?

so, one day, the cat wait by the street. he was tired of playing the wools. it was no longer fun. it was the same for others too. it was just not that fulfilling anymore.

he then realised, he needs to go back. it was quite a long time since he was distracted by the wonderful amazements in the town, so he kinda forgot his way back.

walking along the road, he found a few other cats, some are older, some are younger, but most of them were of his age.

they were too looking their own way back. they asked the cat to come along, and look for the owner. so the cat join along with the other cat, hoping one day he will get to see the owner and apologise for not obeying him all this time.

p/s: let’s help the cat too :)



  1. i really loves cats! ;) so yes, lets help the cat! :)

  2. aiman: lets help the cat! :)

    izyan: kan. mari!


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