age, respect & experience.

hey, why the age barrier?
some were born a little tad later,
while others were born earlier,
then why need a barrier,
to make someone feel inferior,
unless experience proves you're better.

if age makes the difference
then age comes with experience,
if one lives through a shell,
with that kind of experience to tell,
then don't bother to talk,
one'll be seen as porous as chalks.

respect, must be gained,
it's not something that is trained,                
its not a wall to be paint,
or rather a canvas to be taint,
age does not give the advantage,
cause age can come with rage,
be wise, my friend, like a mage,
with wisdoms free from caged.

respect the old, i'd say,
respect the man, okay,
the lady of the house add i may,
treat them with utmost respect,
they're someone you can't neglect,
parents should be treated nicely,
for the jannah, they'll hold the key.

share everyone the knowledge,
and take this honorary badge,
and with the positive attitude,
you'll get the highest tribute,
and set your intentions correct,
make the best of what's intact,
and if you keep looking forward,
insyaAllah my friend,
there's the only one kind of reward.

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