if i have a daughter

if i have a daughter, i will tell her,
that it's okay to be afraid of monsters,
because daddy will always be here,
when she needs to get rid of her fears.

if she cried a cry of a little tear,
i will comfort her, "don't cry my dear."
i will tell her things she needs to know,
and explained to her as she grows.

when she reached her blossoming days,
she should've learned now how to pray,
buy her, i will, hijabs of red and blue,
so she can cover her beautiful hair too.

teach her what Allah had told us to do,
and as muslims what was forbidden too,
i hope she knows she is beautiful,
no need trendy clothing, she looks cool.

till the day, i handed her hand,
for a marriage with another man,
i will keep her always, safe and sound,
a full grown muslimah, knows her bounds.

she'll be the key, investment of the hereafter,
a valuable jewel to be kept in my heart forever,
how i wish i have a daughter in my life,
oh well, firstly i need to find myself a wife.

akmalghani © if i have a daughter 2011

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  1. Salam alaik.

    I love this poem. If I am your daughter, I'll always make sure that my love for you will never die.


    Sincerely from a Malaysian girl.


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