Lifelong Process

It's been quite a long long hiatus and I am very sorry my dear readers! For assignments, group works, and events have taken over my law student's life. haha, I'm just kidding which is still quite true anyway. Yeah, I am busy and not every single day that I regret that I couldn't update my blog for I have high dreams for this blog of mine. One of it is that I could spread the beautiful things that I know and learn as a Muslim living my life in someone else's land. Kinda weird huh? You don't get much knowledge about Islam from your own country, from your own birth place but instead, at this early and subtle adulthood, in someone else's land where Islam is not the main religion, you've learned so much.

Personally, I don't blame anyone or anything.

What amaze me the most is that we as human beings will never know how Allah swt works His wonders and how Allah's Almighty had lay out His plans for us. We definitely have this some sort of awesome-yet-needs-to-be-tested plan for ourselves that we would like to go with as long as we know at the end we would not end up being screwed. For instance, we decided that we would like to do whatever we want, let it be all those self-indulgence sins to all-consuming worldly leisure and yet, would repent all of our sins and misbehaviours right before we breathe out our own last breath. Here's why I'd say that the plan had failed miserably. Why? Well, do you know when will you breathe out your own last breath, or straightly saying, die? Of course not, people die everyday. Young ones, teenagers, adults and old people too. Anywhere and anytime. Even when I'm typing this entry too there's someone dying out there. You can't just guess when you're gonna die and decide that you gonna be good before you die. Why just not be good now?

I firmly believe and as every Muslims should too, that whatever Allah swt had in store for us, is always the best for us, despite to our eyes and others that it does not seem to be the case. Maybe you've chosen to study in the United Kingdom for you longed to roam the European countries again, but Allah swt decides otherwise. That I should venture my way to the isolated land of Australia in some place where most people would deem it to be countryside, but for me, its just another big adventure and a story line waiting to be unfold. Adelaide had taught me well, the people of Adelaide it is. Maybe Allah swt have chosen this place for several reasons that I myself couldn't comprehend. Well whatever it is, here I am on the suburbs of Broadview typing this entry again.

Living here has taught me many things. The value of Islam and what I meant to be a Muslim. The value of friendship and how to appreciate one. And most importantly, the value of human beings as the creatures of Allah swt.

These past few months too that I've learned to put my trust a little bit more on other people, to these friends of mine whom we share the same goals in mind. I've learned that sometimes when being friends with others, you'll need a lot of patience. You'll have to 'husnuzon' or simply think positive of their actions, regardless to you that it is plain obvious the otherwise.

The believers are but brothers, so make settlement between your brothers. And fear Allah that you may receive mercy. [Al-Hujurat:10]

We are not perfect beings, but why not try our best to be nice to each other? Sometimes, when you think you have given your best to simply think positively about others, and you are at your wits ends to think of new ways to do so, just when you are about to give in and let your wild thoughts discard the goodness of your heart, well maybe you really haven't given your best then.

It's a matter of learning to do so. And yeah its a lifelong process so be patient.

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