A Brotherly Affair.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone.

It has been such a long time, I know. I haven't done any ramblings for quite some time, for so long that I personally feel obligated to do so and within this period of hiatus of mine, lots of things and event had occurred that I need to tell and elaborate. The one that brings to my attention right now is my own brother.

yes, I'm not going to ramble about Adelaide in this post, nor about the beautiful jacaranda trees that often bloom around this time which didn't bloom much this year, and again not about the lovely and warming atmosphere that the summer always bring with it during this time. For I think, little do I create a post to cherish the important persons in my life.

A brother. Yes, that brother (for my case, that one brother) who we always have this kind of love-hate relationship with. Yes, the one you'd hate him when he's there, but remembers him fondly whenever he's not. The one who cares for you whenever you're not looking and the one who picks on you as a way to show their affection and love as a brother. Well, my brother is kinda like that, and I have no objection with that as long as I have ways to show him my way of saying 'thanks'. But then again, let's face it, we all have brothers like that, (for people who do have a brother in their life) and its just their way as showing their love and affection. If you remembered my post about the love of dads, then this post will be about brothers around the globe which I specially dedicate it to my brother.

A brother is the one part of your life that sometimes you wished you could have it changed whenever he picked on you and you ran to your parents for help and yet he won against you, leaving you feeling miserable for yourself. A brother is also the one part of your life that you wish he would stay like that forever, especially when sticks up for you against your parents, despite knowing that you are responsible for the whatever wrong doings you just did and also for sticking up to the bullies because only he can bully you without you getting hurt that much. He did that for the fact he's responsible for being the protective brother and sometimes you can't deny it that you'll respect him just that much for doing such a little task.

A brother is this miniature set of the fathers. Why would I say so? Well, a father rarely shows their emotions to anyone except their wife and especially to their children. A brother is similar in the way that they rarely show to their little siblings that they care but deep down inside, their protective nature as a brother will always be there to protect and help you whenever he sees fit. A brother thinks that he acts second in command after the father, whenever the father is away, he will step up to the plate and acts behalf of the father. He's the one to quarrel a lot with since he's the closest thing to authority (meaning your parents), preventing you from getting otherwise whatever you want, which without the present of the same authority, you could do so. So this is what a brother is like to me.

A brother could be the closest friend you have, yet you'll often took it for granted and he doesn't mind you for doing so.

I'd hate it especially when someone could have a peek to what I was thinking. Hate is a rough word I know, maybe a little bit of discomfort would suffice. Regardless, I always think that no one will be able to do so, read what I was thinking since I rarely talk to people what I really was thinking, but my brother seems to have this inevitably annoying talent to read my mind. One that really came to mind was when I was having a car ride with him, me at the passenger seat while he was driving. I can't remember the details but somehow I was feeling annoyed about something so I remained silent for the whole trip. Somehow, my brother could muster his courage and asked me why do I remained silent? He asked again whether it was about what had happened just now?

I remained silent despite the fact that he hits me like an archer hitting the bulls-eye.

Deep down I know he cared, so that's why he bothered asking me. If he doesn't then the whole journey would be a silent march, even though the journey wasn't taking that long.

This protective nature of my brother had shine long before I've realised how important a brother could be to you.

When I was around 3-4 years old, I could remember asking my sister, Kak Ifa for some water as I was really thirsty and there's no one older than her around when I asked this. All that I could remember was that she replied that she was busy and what could possibly a 10 year old girl be busy with at that time, I don't really know but that was her answer, haha. Obviously I couldn't ask my brother since he wasn't that tall to do so as the kitchen cabinet was rather high at that time (from a perspective of a little child). So feeling a little bit of despair, I scramble through the kitchen drawer, took out my favourite green cup and went out of the house. Being a little bit of an adventurous person back then, I went around the house, finding little sources of water I could find.


I've found myself some drain water which the source of the water is rather questionable since it came from the kitchen sink. So being innocent little me, I scooped out some water and look deep down inside the cup. It's crystal clear, nothing to be worried of I'd say. Just when the cup was about to touch the subtle lips of mine, my brother came to the rescue.

'Hey, you don't drink that!'

He took the cup away from me. The truth was, he was watching every single action that I was doing and was waiting for the right time to come and stop me. Then he took me by the hand, took me to my sister who was watching the tv (so, this was what she was busy doing eh?... haha) and single-handedly put the blame back on my sister for not pouring some water for me, which she guiltily did so afterwards.

So what really made me think of him after all? I don't really know. It's just in the nature of little brothers being grateful to their elder siblings I guess?

Regardless, I would like to say all the best to my brother who have just graduated as an engineer. May Allah swt bless you always on your journey. This long road that we both know and have taken would be full of trials and challenges but despite all that we know that there will be no one else out there that would carry our dreams and responsibility as a daie if we don't do it ourselves.

p/s: All the best, my brother and close friend :)

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