Driving Success

"Adik, bangun lekaih!" ayah knocked upon my bedroom door, three times. I searched for my phone, it was 7.02 a.m. "Satla, nak bangunla nih!" I replied while struggling to get out of my bed. (wah, i'm called adik at home.. can't help it? I am A adik. cute what? Hahaha :P) Today is another day for me to learn driving. Yesterday, I was learning driving as well. My legs had been aching since the first driving lesson. I couldn't even walked normally (like I always did? -_-||| that's normal.) Well, you can't help it if you got big body, big thighs, big legs, and big.. big..(got the whole picture of me being BIG? >_< Ahaha XD) everything's big, dang it. And the kancil car being so small and timid, minor compared to other cars. It's got this small window, small door, small seat, small radio case, (conclusion IS: it's small :D) and I'm being big and all isn't helpful either. So, taking refuge, I just cramped my legs until the knees barely touched each other in order to make myself smaller (which obviously don't change the fact I'm being big).

Firstly the instructor drove me somewhere near a temple. Then he stop at the side of the road. Suddenly he said "Lekas, Amar. Kluar dari keleta." (Amar... -_-|||.. It's Akmal lah uncle!) I oblige to what he had ordered me to do. "Masuk tmpet driver cepat!" he said to me half screaming. What the heck pagi-pagi buta nak marah-marah pulak? I rushed in. "Cepat, bawak saya pergi Ilmu Baru" he ordered me again. "Huh!?" I was stunned. I was ordered to drive on the real road, with real cars until we arrived at Ilmu Baru (my driving institute *roll eyes*). It was like 7km away from my current position. (maybe I'm exaggerating :P) So I drive like I own the road (yeala, people was being considerate since the L sign was up :P) I was driving with the gear 1 for quite some time already and until uncle(whose name doesn't bother me as much as it bothers me for him not knowing to pronounce my name) scream at me again for not shifting the gear. I stammered. How to shift the gear while it's on the road and when exactly I HAVE to SHIFT the gear? He just said "Tekan clutch sampai habis and tukaq gear tu!!" I just do as I was told to. The car stammered a little. It worked right? Nevertheless, I did arrive at Ilmu Baru safely. Lucky me. :Sigh:
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