Uncle Day Care

Mak left my niece with me when I was watching television in my bedroom. I wasn't shocked at all by mak's doing. I'm used to mak doing surprise visits to my room. She never, I repeat NEVER knocked on the bedroom door before entering (as a sign she's coming in lah, not like boss-servant one :P). She barged in and dropped my niece, Ain (by the way is 1 yr old).

I looked at mak. She was blank as a paper. "Nah, ambik sat jaga. Mak nak pi solat sat." I tried to say something but mak already shut the door.
Mak memang macam ni tau! Taking one deep breathe, I looked at Ain and just stare at her, wondering what should I do to entertain her as she's just one little angel in disguise.She stared back at me effortlessly make the face she always did to get out from tight situation.It is that I-know-I'm-cute-but-please-don't-make-it-so-obvious-by-staring-at-me look. I laughed and she burst with laughter as well.

I think hard and was thinking how to make she fell contented with fun stuffs. So I just play the Cak-Cak with her until she ignored me. She IGNORED me? (Am I that suck of an uncle? =_=) At first she was laughing hard. Soon, the laughing became a lot more quite and lastly she made a boring face at me. New ideas! Come on! So, I took my handphone and turn on some music. She looked at me and smile happily. She was dancing to the tune. I was relieved. Not long after, she turned on her monstrosity side and started to make mess in my room. I was just like a helpless old lady whose cats had been slaughtered mercilessly. I could only watch as my magazines, papers and books had been taking damages from her ravishingly saliva. Uh nope. Not a good sign. So, I crawled behind her and sneak her onto my bed. She screamed and hit me in the face. It was a good hit. Nasib baik tak lebam. So I laid her next to me and she started to torture me with her sharp nails. (Kak Ayu, what did I told you? Kepit kuku dia time dia tidoq! >_<) She scratch my nose and hit it. She also pick my nose for no reason and laughed. After being tortured, Mak come again and picked her up. I'm relieved! :Sighs: Naseb baik tak buat extra work. I don't wanna be an Uncle whose tied to take care of his nieces and nephews (coming more soon). By the way she's a monster disguising as an angel. Not that she really IS a monster, just that she likes to make mess and do all the physical stuffs Letih woih! After all that, I was dreaming one day, what if I ended up opening up an "Uncle Day Care" for kids? I will hire some guys (preferably great with kids) to take care of the kids. So guys, sapa-sapa nak antar? MRSM and KSAH members get discount. I know you want to send yours Syazana! Hahaha.. Just kidding. I'm not all that great with kids, you know being the adik of the family.

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