Idiotic Beyond Reasoning

You know what happen today?! The most unforgivable thing had been done to me and no, sir, I won't back down just like that.Some idiotic, selfish, greedy, bastards had been lingering around my house sometime around 5 a.m, 8th March. Who do they think they are taking some public property away from me? Stupid, and selfish people these guys. They stole away my(our, neighbourhood actually :D) TELEPHONE CABLE that is situated right in front of my house. How could they?! They stole my(still our neighbourhood's XD) internet away, they stole my phone line, my life line, my damn windows to the world. It's just quite unfair that they had to steal it now, that my friends are coming over. Sheesh, it couldn't get any better, right?

I'm might sounding selfish, myself, but I just can't help it knowing that those culprits are laughing their asses off when they got the money, the money after selling the telephone cable, spending it happily ever after, while my end is suffering a great deal. For instance, my neighbour who depends heavily on the telephone for his business, would suffer a lot as his customer wouldn't be able to contact him at his office, (mind you, his office is at his home :P). Luckily, a couple of TM repairman or whatever they were called, came by. They took a look and will report it to the main branch of Kedah. I, worriedly asked ayah when this problem gonna be solved? Ayah just replied "Banyak hari jugakla kot?" That's convenient, I said so to myself. Anyhow, I hope my(our neighbourhood, still) problem would solve sooner. By the way, I'm using Kak Ayu's celcom broadband, lucky.

So, the conclusion is I could not be online for a while.I'm so sorry guys, I wouldn't be able to participate with you all later. I'm sure this will work out soon! :D

And I'm taking this opportunity to wish you all the best for my SPM candidates friends and I pray for the best of you guys! :D Do the same for me tau! Hahaha XD

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