I've been tagged by Kay-Ay, and AmIIrah, about 5 links on the internet that I frequently visited and lately I've been visited lots of them that I barely can count! Hahaha :D
Here's the list!

1. Friendster
This is where I update and myself and read updated profiles of my friends

This is the same as friendster just smaller friends and much more activities.

3.How Stuff Works
It never hurts to be knowledgeable, and it's true when people say knowledge is power.

4.Photoshop Tutorials Online
Consists of various websites that I frequently visited to sharpen my skills as a photoshop artist. :D

I always do an update. Can't live without writing something kan?

Who would I tag? Seems everyone had been tagged. So, I just end it here lah, or anyone who wanna do this tag, just do it. No biggie :D.

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