Driving License : Aftermath

Hmm, after owning a brand new Probation License, I can't help it but to try driving on my own a car, but it seems that people around me aren't letting my hands touching the steering wheel yet. Hey, I wanna try it out, to see whether I should really pass or not! Never mind that now, since, I don't feel like driving anymore. (Gee, waste of the license O.o) Haha, I'm still childish even though I had turn 18 a few days ago. XD Anyway, that is not the main point. The thing is.. I wanna drive now and determine my ability driving in real road, the ones that I didn't memorized because of the driving test. Anyway, a big thanks for those who wished me! Thanks for remembering and caring!

Now that I realise, I feel kinda blank on what I should really write about. Haha :D

Tata XD

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