Beyond a Heartache

Today, something happened. For the first time, I cried in front of the computer because I heard a very simple truth about what happened to my friends. I just can't believe it, in fact I wont believe any of it. First of all, I just heard the rumors. Well, it's just rumors and people do talk, so what's the big deal? Some time later, someone buzzed me through Yahoo! Messenger. It was my good friend from previous school. For quite some time, I haven't heard of him. I even thought he had already forgotten all about me, you know, when you had new friends, you'll tend to forget the old one, like I did to my old friends, which I felt so terrible about it and so does he. It was a brief chat, from happy and light talks, to a dark and dull one.

It was then when I know the real truth and it hurts my heart so much, for I am one who love my friends and trust them too much.
My purpose of writing is not to make shame of them. Not to ruin the image they are carrying or used to carrying anyway. But I wanna make a wake up call for them because as a friend I cannot just let it go like this. I cannot turn a blind eye on them. Both of them, the boy and the girl are the best of my friends, still what they did was unforgivable to me, even though it's not me who got inflicted with the consequences. I just got an heartache. A heartache which I wouldn't know when or how it's gonna heal. What they got is an unbearable thought from me and maybe some of the people who knew the truth. Please guys, please change, and please repent for every single wrong that you guys did. I'm begging you guys to stop. Please, as friend who used to be so close with you guys. Alhamdulillah that the boy woke up after what he had did. I pray for their succes to repent and change. May Allah S.W.T be with them.

Speechless me,
Tata XD

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