Overseas, here I go!

It's been hell of a day, you know when you were waiting for your own result to come out and the server were packed with other users. Well, I managed to get the result as the JPA put up another server because their current server is down, maybe caused by the rushing of all the people who wanted to know their results. Who wanted to go to the matrix when you got a better offer to fly overseas? I know I wouldn't, so I pushed my luck and here's my result:

Hehe.. I got the offer :D. Really, I got it, and it was a surprise for me. I mean 2000 out of 7000 got the offer and I'm one of them. Thanks a lot for my friends and who had been there for me all this time. Thanks a lot for the support and the comfort whenever I thought I'm not going to get any of it. Thanks again everyone! :D And I'm so sorry Irfan, that I couldn't come and join you at the Penang Matrix. Maybe it's the best for both of us.

Tata XD
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  2. CONGRATS! I'm so happy for u!

  3. congrats! sadly, i didnt get it :(
    it's okay, i'm happy with UIA :D

  4. haha
    aku xkesah laa
    penang is waiting for me

  5. Thanks you guys! Without you guys, I'm done for it.. So thanks a lot!


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