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I'm been out of business for quite some time now, which the cause is, I really don't know what to type any more. My life had started to slow down again since some of my friends had left for matrix, leaving me to let my brain rotten more and more each day. So, it's quite no activities lately, but me and a friend of mine had plan to go to Hot FM Mini Jam at Alor Star Tower tomorrow, to have some fun and watch the concert of course. Just hoping that people wouldn't be too many or else it's gonna be damned pack. So any Kedahans wanna join me to the Concert. It's kinda fun actually, since these stuff are rarely held in Kedah. For example, Jom Heboh by TV3 had come once to Kedah and after some mysteriously occasion, they never made a second visit. Well, when they first came, the cars was queuing from the Stadium until the main road near my house. Thre whole day, I can't go out at all, by car that is.

Anyway, late last night, I watched the rerun of American Idol Season 7 Finale, since I miss it because I'm too lazy to remember the dates of shows that I like. The main point is, I now know the winner! Congratulations to David Cook for being the Season 7 Idol! Well, it's my favourite singer so just go with it okay? To David Archuletta, don't be so down, you're not all bad your self too. :D

Everyone's favourite singer, David Cook

Well, mine and people like me actually. And don't you think that Jason whatever his name is, is WAY TOO close to David?! Talk about extreme happiness, for someone else that is. I hope David Cook can be famous like his predecessors, such as Kelly Clarkson, Ruben, Jordin Sparks and so on.

tata XD
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  1. oi! lama bnor x update! hahaha...ksian archuleta...tgk muke die pon ksian sbb baik sgt

  2. Sory for the long pause.. just takder anything to write.. nak sambung la crite huhu :D


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