I'm Feeling Less Brighter than Usual

Do you ever wonder what will ever happen to your brain if it's not active at all for quite some time?
Do you get these symptoms?
  • You'll get blurrier easier,
  • You'll tend to misspelled everything or everyone that you know,
  • You'll tend to know a thing or two about something and yet you can't really recall what it is all about.
  • You'll tend to forget names those you weren't really close too.
  • You heard a joke and wished you weren't that slow upon picking up the joke,
  • You watched television and yet it doesn't stimulate your brain,
  • You knew the place and yet it was still an unknown place.
Damn, that must be a serious case of a lazy brain. I mean, I get blur sometimes and I usually misspelled things or people that I know. I do know about that certain things and yet I can't really search for the necessary files from my brain. Weird huh? Maybe I didn't have anything that really requires much of the brain energy that is making me duller by the minute. Good Lord, I need some activities to do soon or my brain will keep turning off by itself. Haha, anyway, I'm still waiting for the offer letter from JPA because I NEED to know where I'm going next.

Tata XD


  1. Haha.. tulah.. penat tol

  2. my brain is exactly like that now.

  3. Salam chom.

    No other word to describe it. What you wrote is absolutely: TRUE!

    Oh my God.


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