Of the trouble to get there.

I was so pumped up about Ramadhan month. Really, I was. What better ways to pump yourself up other than the delicious delicacies of Ramadhan Bazaar? Hehe, I know, I know. That's why I was so pumped up, since I can't wait to taste the mouth watering foods in the Bazaar. I was told by this lecturer of mine, that there would be one near where I am living right now. So does the warden. She told us that if we would walk, it would only took around 20 minutes. So, me and my housemates, went out from casa around 6.00p.m and walked straight passing Mydin. I was so energetic even tough I was really tired to begin with. Curse the bus I will, but since it's Ramadhan, oh well, I might just be a little bit patient. We looked for the first sign. The Shell station. It was quite far, but the spirit will never die.

We reached the station and the sight of the bazaar still not seen. They asked me to ask the shell worker. I quickly walked to the station and ask for the nearest bazaar.

Me: Bang, dekat sini, bazaar mane yang dekat?

Shell Man: Hurm, banyak dik. Tapi yang dekat pun agak jauh kalau nak jalan.

Me: Lah, takkan takde yang dekat?

Shell Man: *thinking* Adik jalan terus sampai simpang tiga, belok kiri, belok kanan, pastu terus sampai adik nampak bazaar tu.

Me: *calculating the information* Yah, terima kasih.

I told my friends and was able to convince them to walk a little bit more, just for the sake of eating the delicious foods. And it started to rain. Little tiny drops of water won't sway me from the main purpose, I exclaimed to myself. We walked quite far, and no. No, nothing. Not a single sight of someone bringing plastic bags with them. Not a single big umbrella was there. It started to rain heavier and heavier. Oh, asking for directions is my forte, but understanding them to the point of being able to visualise it in my head? Not exactly what I had in mind. We were straving for real, and there's still not a single soul selling food. Dissapointed to the point of being lazy to walk back to Casa, (incase you are wondering, we didn't know where we were XD), we call it quits and call for a cab, back to Mydin, my best friend again.

I was tired, for sure. And guess what? After we had ride the cab, we passed the Bazaar. But it wasn't much of a bazaar. What a dissapointment. *sigh* Anyway, we at least explored the unknown parts of USJ1. Hehe :D Back at Mydin, we bought all the SAME food again, for three days straight already. I am a regular customer, that I am able to predict what dishes is going to be sold, or what is the pricing of the food. Goodness, I might as well replace the cashier without the Manager even knowing. Quickly bought the food and rushed back home. It was already the time when we were knocking on the front door. *sighed* I missed the rice again, so have to wait to cook another one. Nevermind, patience is the fruit of all success. :D

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