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Quiz: Which One Tree Hill Character Are You?


Lucas Scott

Still waters run deep and you know that better than anyone, right? No matter what's going on around you, you tend to spend more time in your head than most people. Like your One Tree Hill match, you are often able to consider a situation from all sides, and that's why you tend to be so understanding when it comes to your friends and family.

Being a good person is important to you, but nobody's perfect — not even you! Maybe you've made mistakes before with the people you care about, but you usually learn from them and do your very best to smooth things over. It's sweet to be smart, but don't forget to take a break from your brain once in a while. Thinking is important, but so is letting loose and living in the moment.

Quiz: What's Your True Color?



You're a bold, confident orange. A warm, powerful color that indicates a strong, welcoming personality, orange is the mark of people who are social and extroverted by nature. Vibrant, with an upbeat attitude, you have a bright, inviting demeanor. Energetic and fun-loving, you're a real friend-magnet. Your easy charm and unassuming manner make you the sort of person people want to meet and get to know better. Well-rounded and fun to be around, you enjoy helping others, so it's no surprise that orange also symbolizes attraction. Orange is an extraordinary color — for an extraordinary person.

Source: Tickle's website


Oh now, I'm the main character. Heh! Quite true for most of the part. It's random, I don't really believe the quizzes much, but at least it's fun. And yeah, orange does seem cheerful isn't it? :)


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