star-crossed strangers

 Perfect Strangers by MaraDamian

did we both met, before we really meet,
have we talked yet, before taking our seats,
did you know my name, yes it's on the tag,
would it be the same, i know its jet lag.

if you give me a wink, then i'll start to think,
if you just walked away, but then hey its okay.
it's not like my world ends when you take that bend.

oh maybe,
we are some random strangers, yet we looked like star-crossed lovers
we are some random lovers, yet we looked like star-crossed strangers

lets take a long stroll, down that windy road,
better yet, take of my hat, and throw it with a bat,
our smiles they won't fade just like that,
so does this photograph of Remy the rat

live life only once, meeting you was some chance,
if it was twice, meeting you could be a vice
and i could never say anything this nice,
lets stand up this crowd and enjoy this last dance.

Star-crossed was a term that is used by the late William Shakespeare to describe the very famous characters which he created through the story "Romeo & Juliet".The word is used to describe the couple Romeo & Juliet and it was meant that the couple met as if they were destined to be together. Thus, star-crossed meaning destined, could be used as if in agreeing towards an event that was not merely coincidental.

Strangers on the other hand are more of a chance than something that is certain or confirmed. Meeting a stranger on a bus will require you to calculate the immaculate amount of possibilities and rigorous networks consisting of chains of chances which sums up an amount that will show the possibility of such things happening in a certain place given a certain time.

Thus the idea star-crossed strangers came up to me. The very idea of destiny meets chance was very enlightening to me that I need to make a piece out of it.

p/s/s: this is from me to you guys. happy 1 month. ;)


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