Change for the Better


As you can see, I've changed the website URL and yeah, with the new design as well. It's still in the process of transitioning and might have some problems with the pictures and all when you linked it through facebook. (hint: hindi actresses, and i don't know why the template owner decided to use these set of actresses! it annoys me greatly though.)

I hope this would become my paradigm shift, the biggest shift ever, so that I may write more fluently, frequently and be a better Muslim that contributes in his own ways.

In fact, I have news to tell today. I'm not sure whether this being a good news or the contrary, but, yeah finally my brother have his own facebook. Good thing I hope? Haha.

Last week was the biggest moment for my life. I was trusted with the most important job to organize a program, a life-changing program for everyone, including me, who has been on that program last year. I remembered how I felt stupid because I didn't know anything what the presenter is talking about, or rather I'd never give a care about what is happening around me, us, the world and so on. I also remembered how I need to do something to help the disease spreading through my community, my people, my country, and importantly, my religion.

I hope the same way that I felt reached to you guys too. If somehow, Allah swt makes you feel that urge, the need, that feeling to change for the better, I hope that you will never push it away, hoping there will be a later time when you will feel it again once more. It's plain simple. You will never know whether you will have that second chance again in this life. Who knows, your life-span isn't that long as what you've thought it would be.

With this post, I officially launch my new website!

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