Why So Sad?

This fine Wednesday morning, I suddenly felt the urge to write something, a masterpiece in English that is, for it has been way too long since the last time I wrote one. Oh maybe that is not the only thing that's driving me to write in English, I do have my motives you see. :)

Anyhow, another Ramadhan again this year, and how I hope it's a lot different that last year's. Well it is a lot different, more than I've bargained for. Sometimes when you think everything is going so smooth for you, like your plans are going  butter-smooth, and suddenly someone decided to drop the bread on the floor, and mind you, wipe it across the hall too. And when that happens, somehow the coffee and jams will not be to your liking despite of their taste are still, very well the same. And that is pretty much about life, when you expects something, it turns out to be more than that, albeit worse or good.

So what should you do as a muslim? As a servant of the One God?

I know a person whose heart turned bitter, sour and murkier for the fact that a part of this person's life, along the way, something terrible happened. That person's thoughts and attitudes changed drastically. And who should be blamed in this mess? Certainly, not that person's fault, I hope.

Life can be rough at times. Life can be so forgiving. And life couldn't be more livelier without those people who cared for you during all these times. So, should you be feeling down tonight?

Whenever I was feeling a little under the weather, blue and so on, I would shut myself from others. Why? Its not that I'm not feeling it or I was trying to avoid people, but it was merely me trying to be more reliant on Allah swt alone than being dependant on others. So when you see someone being all mute, acting out of the ordinary, it does not always mean that there is something wrong with this person. Maybe you just didn't know that person enough. Well at least you've tried to be a good friend :)

"La Tahzan!"

"Don't be Sad!", my heart voiced out.

"Do not grieve; indeed Allah is with us." (At-Taubah 9:40)

"You've got to be strong, pray to Allah's mercy and who knows there are something to be learned from all of this." said a friend to me. You're right undoubtedly, but it's me who needed a constant reminding.

Good thing this month is Ramadhan. The most blessed month of all, what you call as a Month of Tarbiyyah. So, for those out there who seem to be saying that there is no way out or putting the blame on destiny instead (I pray that you don't, its wrong you know), know that there will always be a way. Husnuzon. Think good of your own Creator. I believe Allah swt would want the best for us, and it's up to us to make the right choice, don't you think?

Here's an example. A few days back, I needed to buy something for shipping materials (no, I'm not working in a company or something similar to that) and I do not have enough money for that due to the fact I've spent it on more crucial stuffs such as the bills and paying rents. I intended to buy it as soon as possible when I got the money from my sponsorship body. But somehow, that morning my beloved boss (no, I'm not asking for a raise here, but if it have crossed your mind before, please do boss :D) asked whether I still have any supplies left. So, I've told him the truth and he said to me that I could always use his money and that I don't need to use mine and claimed it back instead. VoilĂ !

When you think that you're out of luck, (or money in my case), there is always something out there that is being sorted out to you by Allah swt. All that you need is to never give up and husnuzon.

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