Jahiliyyah and Tarbiyah can't Co-Exist.

Jahiliyyah and Tarbiyah can't never co-exist.

It's like the brain asking you to turn right and left at the same time.It's pretty much impossible unless you could split yourself into two parts which in reality, you can't.

They can't never ever co-exist. Did you know the relationship between tape worm and human beings? Okay, first of all, do you know what a tape worm is?

measuring tape that looks like a worm. or vice versa.t
Its pretty much looks like this and it lives in the intestine of it's host, sucking out the important nutrients (why not just the bad ones, like excess FATS for example.. just kidding :)) and leaving the host nutrient-deficient and thus dying out of not having the required amount of important nutrients to survive. Yes, you'll get thinner in the process. But wait! Is it worth the time and sufferings you have to go through? It is hard to detect once it is in your body, but there is a way to identify it. I'll leave it to your curious, young adventurous hearts to go out there and be brave by searching images of it. :P

And, that is how jahiliyyah is to our hearts. 

You may not notice anything much, nor find anything wrong with your body and its bodily functions but the tapeworm is there, and its eating you from the inside, slowly thinning you out.

Jahiliyyah, is a "parasite" that works with the same practice, it resides deep within your heart and it eats you heart up, leaving no traces of guiltiness let alone remorse. You're then will be misled in thinking that you're getting better and wiser but in fact, you're getting slower in your tarbiyah and it's dragging you down. Sometimes, you forgot that what you are doing right now is considered to be jahiliyyah, only that it is being make up so that it look a little bit more Islamic on the outside and suits your status as a person who've been in the University of Tarbiyah and a person who've people been calling 'Akh!'.

Now go and get something like a mirror, if you don't have one, you can use anything that is reflective like the back of a CD, or IKEA's cooking pot or something. Just don't do it in front of other people.
stare until you can see the clear you, if you don't, keep scrubbing it until you do.
And look at yourself with super disgusting look that you have never ever given to anyone else. Once again, don't do it in front of others, or else one might end up calling the psychiatric ward and you'll end up looking at that so called mirror all day long.

How come can we call ourselves the Rijals of Dakwah. (The Youths of Dakwah)?

Are you satisfied with that 'Akh' status knowing that you're still swimming with your only-Allah-knows sea of maksiat (evil deeds)?

This condition is what I call a handicapped akh. A person's in tarbiyah, but it did not make him better, in fact it made him much worse than before.

I used to be that Handicapped Akh once. Gaming was everything to me, and I really love it for the fact that the graphics' too cool and I would missed out on the world if I ever stopped playing games. It never hit me that I was also slow in my tarbiyah. What kind of slowing process that occurs within me? I can't tell and only Allah swt and me knows what was really going on within.

no, you don't sit like that playing video games.
But the point is, Jahiliyyah was made to me to be too beautiful to let go and I fell for it, even if I've already stopped long before, it would certainly find ways to make itself beautiful again to my eyes. I've spend my time playing games than doing dakwah to my juniors instead and I've been telling them to stop, while I was indulging my unnatural needs. What kind of example I was trying to set really?

Nevertheless, Allah has made every sickness with its cure.

And this cure for such handicapped akh, is to realise which is jahiliyyah and how to fight it.

Knowledge is power, therefore knowing what is jahiliyyah to you would be sending you on your feet to vanquish it away, and FOR GOOD too.

Lastly, never think that you're too free though, as an akh is never too free for the world and the fate of the ummah rest within us. So, fill our time with things that would benefit our iman, our hearts, our ukhuwwah and of course our dakwah.


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